We have an exciting new addition to fit52, a workout that Carrie Underwood and Eve Overland have done for years, Carrie's leg workout! It has even been adapted for all fitness levels! 

This workout itself is a little different from regular fit52 workouts, as it has sets and supersets.  This might be a new concept for some.

A Superset is when you do a series of exercises in a row. E.g. Deadlifts, then Squats, then Touchdowns. You then repeat the exercises multiple times, known as ‘Rounds’.  After you’ve completed the rounds, you then move onto the next Superset, with a new set of exercises you repeat.

Don’t worry there is a chance to rest in between.

A preview of the workout is shown in advance. Give it a try! 

More info here: http://fit52.com/carrie-underwood-leg-workout